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We believe an educated investor is an investor most likely to succeed. This means they understand how the capital markets operate and are comfortable with economic and stock market cycles. Education is the very first thing a visitor to our site sees because we believe it is the crucial component to investment success. If you don’t know what to expect, you don’t know how to respond to events. When you don’t respond in a disciplined manner, you are subject to biases that will hurt your performance. We classify these biases under two terms, the Behavior Gap and Operator Error. We urge our clients and new visitors to read some or all of our writings which include;

1) For those looking to build wealth
a. The Trampoline Effect
b. The Sera Capital Stock Market Guide
c. Our Book Financial Tales
d. Our Blog

2) For everyone else
a. The Sera Capital Stock Market Guide
b. The Sera Capital Asset Allocation Guide
c. Our Book Financial Tales
d. Our Blog

Once you are acquainted with our approach if you want further specific exploration, we encourage you to examine the Universe of Investment Opportunities that would populate actual portfolios at Sera Capital.

Investment Management



We have worked with hundreds of individual investors and two things stand out. The first is that unlike institutional investors that have an unlimited time horizon, individual investors have finite time horizons. This means their solutions need to be over a finite time period. The second is that individual investors have variable risk profiles. This means they exhibit a higher propensity of abandoning well-thought out plans due to economic disruptions in the capital markets. This is crucial information.

Because people have variable risk profiles, we focus on solutions that mitigate as much as possible the tendency to abandon well-thought out plans. We do this by focusing on high rate of return per unit of risk adaptive solutions. Why? Because adaptive strategies recognize that investors prefer less volatility with more predictability while reaping the full benefits of stock market returns. This means we design our portfolios knowing that our client’s reactions are the most important factors to their success. Nowhere in the institutional literature is this well recognized fact discussed. Our Roots are with Individuals, we understand what they want and how they think.

Specifically, we seek to bridge the Behavioral Gap and eliminate Operator Error by delivering favorable asymmetry through the use of adaptive and smart beta strategies. Our clients trust our judgement and we repay that trust by hiring multiple investment managers. We specifically invest our client’s money with investment managers that have publicly traded adaptive and smart beta ETFs.

We understand each of the investment manager’s strategies and processes and we know what to expect. We are not market timers and so we don’t know when to expect it, but when the unexpected happens, we will be prepared and positioned, due to our manager selection process and portfolio construction, to mitigate the types of large temporary losses usually associated with a diversified portfolio of individual stocks or stock asset class categories.

Investment Advice


While Investment Education helps our clients Learn about money and Integrate into their lives. Investment Management allows our clients to turn over the responsibility of growing it and keeping it in a way they understand. Investment Advice is where we can share experiences of what has and hasn’t worked with others. We can help you Save it when perhaps you didn’t before, or Enjoy it after you’ve made it. This is the softer side of Sera Capital where through discussion we agree on a plan to go forward or simply answer specific questions as they arise.

Ways to Work with Us
The bulk of our clients will custody their assets at Charles Schwab and Company. Their platform provides access to a broad spectrum of investments and their technologies allow us to work with even the smallest clients. We manage your money but we use Schwab as our back office to provide software for trading and reporting. We always insist on an initial phone call and conversation before we can recommend either an institutional or custom solution.

1) Institutional Solution
a. Schwab Institutional Intelligent Portfolios
i. Wealth Creation Portfolio Solution
ii. Sequence Risk Portfolio Solution

2) Custom Solution
a. Schwab Separately Managed Accounts
b. Collaborate with other trusted professionals

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