Today I am releasing A Sweet Tale. It is in homage to the extra pounds many of us added over the holidays due to what in my case is excess sugar consumption. A Sweet Tale gets its name from the time I spent with the person I call “The Sugar King” and what it teaches us is not intuitive but in my opinion necessary for those that want to amass a fortune through investing. As most of our readers know, I think very few people are capable of amassing extraordinary wealth through investing. They should stick with low cost index funds and ETFs in a diversified approach that bridges what I call the behavioral gap. However, should you choose to go another route, this tale teaches us that one of the best ways to build extraordinary wealth is to concentrate your investments in things you know. It also teaches us to invest heavily when we find an anomaly in the market or what we recognize as a mispricingin an area where we are expert. Lastly and I think most importantly it teaches us the importance of aligning your personal life with your investment process so your investment decisions don’t have an impact on your personal life. When you can separate the two you have a much better chance of success.

I will release A Tale of Might next time. It will reinforce what you read today.

Enjoy the tale.

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