Who is Sera Capital?

Sera Capital is a Maryland registered investment advisor that manages money for individuals, couples and other advisors. We believe that as stewards of your money and trust, our responsibilities lie in three areas; Investment Education, Investment Advice and Investment Management.

Our job is to help you

1) Learn It and Integrate it – This is Investment Education and we do this through our blog, newsletters, books, videos and guides. We know that the biggest obstacle to investment success is rooted in fear, which means fear of the unknown. Through education and preparation, together we make the unknown a bit more predictable.

2) Grow It and Keep It – This is Investment Management and where we design, implement, manage, monitor, review and adjust portfolios for your situation.

3) Save It and Enjoy It – This is Investment Advice and is specific to the client. This is where we rely on our wisdom and experience to advise you on your situation as well as coordinate with other trusted advisors and/or strategic partners to assist where our expertise may fall short.

Founded in 1990, Sera Capital is a private, independent, employee-owned investment manager. “We are investors” helps explain the essence of our firm. This simple, singularly focused identity defines what attracts clients and inspires us to come to work every day and share in our mission–to partner with our clients to achieve their unique objectives. Our attention is entirely directed at managing client assets. Our fiduciary responsibilities are instilled in our employees and are reflected in our approach to client assets.

We have earned our clients’ trust over 30 years because:

Clients come first.
Our singular investment focus is to deliver superior long-term performance.
We are passionate, independent investors, unified by our commitment to technical research and the constant pursuit of investment insight.
Risk management and an exceptional client experience is our responsibility at Sera Capital.

Our strategy of using adaptive and smart beta ETFs responsibly and intentionally is unparalleled in the greater Baltimore-Washington area and is the future of investment management. As Maryland registered investment advisors, we work with a select group of clients to provide a focused and innovative mix of strategies that provides the highest level of personalization to help you reach your investment goals. We bring the next generation of investment management directly to you.

We have worked with hundreds of individuals and couples and have insights to their investment behavior under stressful economic situations. How does this translate to action? How a client thinks they will react vs how they actually react under stress is very different and one of the reasons why we find risk tolerance questionnaires highly suspect. We know people have variable risk profiles. We’ve seen it for decades. This has led us to focus on high rate of return per unit of risk solutions because we know people prefer less volatility and more predictability. These solutions increase the chances that our clients will stay the course even under extreme economic disruptions. This means we design our portfolios knowing that our client’s behavior is the single most important factor to success.

We seek to bridge the Behavioral Gap and eliminate Operator Error by delivering favorable asymmetry through the use of adaptive and smart beta strategies. Our clients trust our judgement and we repay that trust by hiring multiple investment managers. We specifically invest our client’s money with investment managers that have publicly traded adaptive and smart beta ETFs.

We understand each of the investment manager’s strategies and processes and we know what to expect. We are not market timers and so we don’t know when to expect it, but when the unexpected happens, we will be prepared and positioned, due to our manager selection process and portfolio construction, to mitigate the types of large temporary losses usually associated with a diversified portfolio of individual stocks or stock asset class categories.

We have spent more than 30 years researching the risks that pay off. And we craft strategies that work for you.

We instill confidence in our clients because we manage their money the way we manage money for ourselves, our family and friends.

We are intentional when we describe ourselves as Maryland registered investment advisors. We believe in a close relationship with our clients. We do not hide behind a screen or even a phone; whether you are in Annapolis, Baltimore, or Washington D.C., we work to develop one of the most important relationships you will have other than your family: your relationship with your financial advisor.

We know what each of our clients’ value most and develop a personalized strategy to protect it.

Our personal portfolios drive your investments. We know exactly where you stand every day because we typically own the same things you do.

Our boutique and focused approach allows our team to execute our strategy with the highest level of precision. We have no mandates. We have the freedom and discretion to buy what works for our clients.

We minimize our overhead to give the highest level of value back to our clients.

We publish the Financial Tales Blog, the Financial Tales Book and the Financial Tales Guides as educational tools. Our hope is that through storytelling, you can identify with those that have similar situations and develop a plan that you can implement. We continue to update our blog with new tales, quarterly updates, recent news, and other important information for our clients.

Our Team

Carlos M. Sera

  • Founder of Sera Capital Management, LLC
  • Co-Founder of Chicago Wealth Management, Inc.
  • Registered Investment Advisor Representative
  • Speaker on Financial/Investment Planning
  • Fluent in Spanish – First Generation Cuban/American
  • Author of Financial Tales


  • Johns Hopkins University – BA – Natural Science 1980
  • University of Rochester – MBA – Finance and Applied Economics 1982

Carl E. Sera, CMT

  • Chartered Market Technician
  • Partner and Managing Principal at Sera Capital Management, LLC
  • Registered Investment Advisor Representative
  • MD Life/Health Insurance Agent


  • Arizona State University – BA – Quantitative Methods 2007

Bryan D. Myers, AIFA, RICP

  • Managing Partner at Sera Capital
  • Registered Investment Advisor Representative at Sera Capital
  • Over 40 years of experience in business and finance
  • Founded Strategic Asset Management, Ltd.
  • Founded Hampton Roads Virginia Chapter of Young Entrepreneurs Organization
  • Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst
  • Retirement Income Certified Professional
  • Life, Health and Annuities Insurance Agent


  • University of Balitmore – BS – Business Administration and Management, General 1974

What is Financial Tales?

People learn complicated lessons in different ways. We teach these lessons by appealing to multiple senses. Our philosophy is that the lessons you learn from a fable, myth, story, parable or tale are longer lasting if you can relate to them. When you relate to someone, you integrate these lessons. If you can’t recall these lessons for whatever reason, you can always refer back to a tale – or a story. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to adopt an approach to your finances that helps you answer both the obvious and the complicated questions surrounding money.

Many years ago, I was pondering my mortality and realized that everything I had learned would be lost if the inevitable happened too soon. For weeks, I wrote furiously about all the topics that seemed to matter and all the interesting people I had met throughout my years as a financial advisor. The topics seemed to be endless but nearly 1000 pages later, I was done. I was confident that if I died that night, I would be able to preserve my financial wisdom and pass it down to my four children.

Eventually, after many edits and rewrites, I worked with a fellow registered investment advisor and former economics professor to ensure these tales convey a holistic approach to managing money and explain how our behavior with regard to money impacts lifestyle. He shared his feedback about what I had written and was the genius that inspired Financial Tales to come to life.

I remember him speaking, as if to himself, asking “How can this be better? How can it be more interesting? How can you get these somewhat complicated and nuanced lessons through to people?” Then all of a sudden, he blurted out, “I know! I’ve got the answer! You need to call these stories of yours “Financial Tales.” I immediately knew he was right and thus the name was born.

Later, someone suggested I start a blog as a platform to share these tales. My son Carl helped me set up the blog and so Financialtales.com was born.

What you see today is the current state of evolution of Financial Tales. While I expect many more tales to follow, the philosophy that underpins them will remain the same. We are here to teach you an approach we believe in. We hope you embrace it, add a little bit of your personality or flair and come up with something that works for you.

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