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Differences Between Active and Passive Investment Management

Reflect on the biggest differences between active and passive investment management to choose a path forward that best supports your financial goals.

Investing Tales

What Happens to the Property in the REIT?

Find out what happens to the property in a REIT so you can gain a better understanding of whether this investment opportunity is worth your time and money.


1031 Exchange vs. Other Real Estate Investment Strategies

Explore a comprehensive breakdown of a 1031 Exchange and other real estate investment strategies so you can plan your future carefully and successfully.

1031 Exchanges

What Types of Properties Qualify for a 721 Exchange?

Some rules and regulations can make qualifying for a 721 exchange tricky to understand. Discover what types of properties qualify for a 721 exchange.

721 Exchange

What Risks Are Associated With Investing in a DST?

If you’re a real estate investor, you’ve probably heard of a DST. Yes, there are risks associated with investing in a DST; understanding these risks is crucial.

Deferred Sales Trusts

How Does Wealth Management Help With Tax Planning?

If you’re wondering how wealth management helps with tax planning, check out this expert blog to better understand the importance of wealth management.

Wealthy Tales

Things To Know About 1031 Exchanges Across State Lines

1031 exchanges can be complicated, but taking them across state lines complicates the process even more. View our guide to learn about interstate exchanges.

1031 Exchanges

Fiduciary Duty: What It Means for Your Financial Advisor

You’ve probably seen the word “fiduciary” involved if you’re looking for a financial advisor. Here’s what it means for your financial advisor.

Financial Tales

Pros and Cons of Deferring Taxes With a 721 UPREIT Exchange

Many real estate investors appreciate a 721 UPREIT exchange. Check out this blog to explore the pros and cons of deferring taxes with this exchange.

721 Exchange

Delaware Statutory Trusts and REITs: Comparing Benefits

Are you wondering about the differences between a Delaware Statutory Trust and a REIT? Explore our rundown of the differences and compare benefits.

721 Exchange

How 721 Exchanges Can Help Minimize Your Tax Payments

If you’re curious how 721 exchanges can minimize your tax payments, check out this blog to discover how they can reduce and even defer tax payments.

721 Exchange

How Do DSTs and REITs Differ From Each Other?

If you’re wondering which type of trust is right for your investment property, check out this blog to discover the differences between DSTs and REITs.

Delaware Statutory Trusts
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