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Selecting a 1031 Exchange Advisor: What To Consider

It’s time to stop stressing over finding the right 1031 exchange advisor. Explore these considerations that can help you make the right decision.

1031 Exchanges

What Are the Potential Benefits of DST Investments?

Are you considering a Delaware Statutory Trust for your real estate investment? Check out this blog to discover the potential benefits of DSTs.

Delaware Statutory Trusts

How 721 Exchanges Can Be Used as an Exit Strategy

A Section 721 exchange, often called a UPREIT transaction, is an often overlooked but powerful tool for real estate investors seeking an effective exit strategy. This strategy allows […]

721 Exchange

Delaware Statutory Trusts: Mistakes You Want To Avoid

Investing in Delaware Statutory Trusts, or DSTs, can help investors obtain diversification, professional management, and reliable returns. DSTs are an attractive option with many benefits, such as cost-efficiency […]

Delaware Statutory Trusts

Deferred Sales Trusts: A Dive Into Tax Deferral Strategies

If you own property and are planning for retirement, you need to know how taxes affect your investment profits. Here’s a guide to deferred sales trusts.

Deferred Sales Trusts

Failed 1031 Exchange Installment Sale (453 Focus)

Investors sometimes inquire, "What happens to my 1031 Exchange transaction if I sell my relinquished property and cannot find suitable like-kind replacement property to identify, or if I […]

1031 Exchanges

What Qualifies a Property for an Installment Sale?

Installment sales aid in deferring capital gains tax on a property sale. Learn more about installment sales and qualifying properties as an investor.

Real Estate

Debt Financing for 721 Exchange: Maximizing Tax Benefits

The Role Of Debt Financing In 721 Exchange Properties: Pros And Cons An Internal Revenue Code Section 721 exchange is a type of transaction where a partnership or […]

721 Exchange

721 Exchanges: A 1031 Investor’s Alternative Guide

Investors choose 721 exchanges as an alternative to 1031 exchanges as they offer many benefits. Use this guide to 731 exchanges to learn how investors benefit.

721 Exchange

Installment Sale Tax Treatment and Planning Your Exit

Installment sale (IRS Section 453 - including both Structured Installment Sales and Deferred Sales Trusts) taxation refers to the tax treatment of an installment sale, which is a […]

Structured Installment Sales

Disadvantages of Structured Installment Sales

A structured installment sale, also known as a seller-financed sale or a seller carryback, is a type of financing arrangement where the seller of a property or business […]

Structured Installment Sales

EAT 2000-37 Reverse Exchange Into a REIT

If you're looking to sell real estate and defer capital gains taxes, there are many strategies that you can use. This strategy, in particular, allows you to close […]

1031 Exchanges
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