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1031 Exchanges

1031 Exchange Costs: Hidden Fees to Watch

While a 1031 exchange offers the average real estate investor several long-term benefits, the costs of doing a 1031 exchange must be considered. Like any …

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Opportunity Zone Funds

Choosing Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds in 2023

Thanks to the multiple tax benefits offered by the US government, opportunity zone funds have received widespread attention amongst investors. Since its inception in 2017, …

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Deferred Sales Trusts

Deferred Sales Trusts: A Dive Into Tax Deferral Strategies

If you own property and are planning for retirement, you need to know how taxes affect your investment profits. Here’s a guide to deferred sales trusts.

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1031 Exchanges

Failed 1031 Exchange Installment Sale (453 Focus)

Investors sometimes inquire, “What happens to my 1031 Exchange transaction if I sell my relinquished property and cannot find suitable like-kind replacement property to identify, …

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Real Estate

What Qualifies a Property for an Installment Sale?

Installment sales aid in deferring capital gains tax on a property sale. Learn more about installment sales and qualifying properties as an investor.

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721 Exchange

Debt Financing for 721 Exchange: Maximizing Tax Benefits

The Role Of Debt Financing In 721 Exchange Properties: Pros And Cons An Internal Revenue Code Section 721 exchange is a type of transaction where …

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Registered Investment Advisor and Fiduciary Consultants

We at Sera Capital focus on helping clients with managing money while providing investment education, investment advice, and investment management. Our registered investment advisors help individuals, couples, and industry professionals learn about investments through blogs, books, videos, newsletters, and guides to overcoming big investment obstacles. With our education preparation, our professional financial services consultants help implement, manage, monitor, review, and adjust portfolios to your situation, providing wisdom and experience in conjunction with other financial advisors and strategic partners. We have assisted hundreds of couples and individuals, giving insight on investment behavior under stressful economical situations that focuses on high return rates and staying the course. Contact our reliable registered investment advisors today at Sera Capital.

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