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What Happens to the Property in the REIT?

Find out what happens to the property in a REIT so you can gain a better understanding of whether this investment opportunity is worth your time and money.


How Do DSTs and REITs Differ From Each Other?

If you’re wondering which type of trust is right for your investment property, check out this blog to discover the differences between DSTs and REITs.

Delaware Statutory Trusts

A Brief Beginner’s Guide on REIT Taxation

Real estate investment trusts help investors generate real estate income without getting too involved. Here’s a beginner’s guide to REIT taxation.


What Is the Difference Between a REIT and an UpREIT?

As REITs become popular, many investors can obtain benefits without managing properties. So, what are the differences between an REIT and an UpREIT?


Navigating the World of Publicly Listed Nontraded REITs: Tips for Investors

Here’s a riddle. When is real estate not real estate? Give up? We’ve found that real estate is not real estate when it is owned as a publicly […]


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