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Installment Sale Tax Treatment and Planning Your Exit

Installment sale (IRS Section 453 - including both Structured Installment Sales and Deferred Sales Trusts) taxation refers to the tax treatment of an installment sale, which is a […]

Structured Installment Sales

Disadvantages of Structured Installment Sales

A structured installment sale, also known as a seller-financed sale or a seller carryback, is a type of financing arrangement where the seller of a property or business […]

Structured Installment Sales

Pros and Cons of Structured Installment Sales

When the correct combination of circumstances arises, there may be no easier way to defer or decrease long-term capital gains taxes when selling real estate, companies, or other […]

Structured Installment Sales

1031 Exchange With Installment Sale Note

An IRS Section 1031 exchange is a tax deferred exchange of one investment property for another. When a property is sold in a 1031 exchange, the seller can […]

Structured Installment Sales

Who Can Invest in Opportunity Zone Funds?

For tax-saving opportunities and improving low-income areas, opportunity zone funds can benefit. But who can invest in opportunity zone funds?

Structured Installment Sales

Structured Installment Sales: A Tax-Efficient Exit Plan for Investors

You're probably here because you're curious about what a "structured installment sale" is and how it can be useful in your specific scenario. While this concept may be […]

Structured Installment Sales

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