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What Risks Are Associated With Investing in a DST?

If you’re a real estate investor, you’ve probably heard of a DST. Yes, there are risks associated with investing in a DST; understanding these risks is crucial.

Deferred Sales Trusts

Protected: Deferred Sales Trusts: A Dive Into Tax Deferral Strategies

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Deferred Sales Trusts

Disadvantages of Deferred Sales Trusts

If you want to sell highly appreciated assets like stock, cryptocurrency, business, real estate, or another asset, the capital gains tax that may be triggered may be the […]

Deferred Sales Trusts

Pros and Cons of Deferred Sales Trusts

A Deferred Sales Trust (DST) is a legal framework that allows the seller of an asset, such as real estate or a business, to postpone paying taxes on […]

Deferred Sales Trusts

Monetized Installment Sale - IRS Dirty Dozen

Every year, the IRS publishes its "Dirty Dozen," a list of transactions and arrangements taxpayers should avoid. In a recent report, the agency emphasized four potentially abusive transactions/arrangements […]

Deferred Sales Trusts

IRC 453a and Installment Sales: What Taxpayers Need To Know

IRC 453a is a tax provision that allows taxpayers to defer the tax on certain installment sales. This article simplifies and explains this provision in plain language for […]

Deferred Sales Trusts

Section 453 Deferred Sales Trust: Simplified and Explained

Section 453 Deferred Sales Trust is a tax strategy real estate owners use to defer tax payments and maximize their capital gains. You can learn more about how […]

Deferred Sales Trusts

Deferred Sales Trust California: An Overview

A Deferred Sales Trust is a tax deferral strategy for selling highly appreciated assets like real estate or a business. Learn more about using a Deferred Sales Trust […]

Deferred Sales Trusts

Section 453 Structured Installment Sale

A Structured Installment Sale is a type of tax-deferred transaction that allows businesses and individuals to sell assets while spreading the taxable gain over a period of time. […]

Deferred Sales Trusts

Understanding Deferred Sales Trust Fees: What You Need to Know

Would you rather pay capital gains taxes on a significant transaction all at once or put it on layaway and make tax payments over time if given the […]

Deferred Sales Trusts

Deferred Sales Trust

The Deferred Sales Trust is an installment sale under section 453 of the IRS code, and as such, it is not unique.  Installment sales have been commonplace since […]

Deferred Sales Trusts

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