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So, you’re taking that first step and meeting with a financial advisor. Well done! That first step can be tough, but it’s the start down the path for your family’s financial security. Rest assured, it gets easier from here on out!

In a typical initial meeting, we’ll walk through your Discovery Interview with you and make sure we understand where your family is in life. This includes talking through your objectives for the meeting as well as your family goals that you want to work towards.

Next, we’ll identify opportunities to progress toward those goals. If you have investments, we’ll analyze your portfolio and point out any opportunities for improvement. Finally, we will start formulating your next steps, putting into motion a plan for your family to move towards the goals you value most.

To prepare, here are a few actions for you to take to make the most of this complimentary meeting with your advisor.

  1. The most important step is to fill out a Discovery Interview Questionnaire and send that to us (by email or our Secure File Upload). This will allow us to look at your unique situation before our meeting and then determine what type of advice will be most beneficial to you.
  2. Another helpful step is to send us a copy of your account statements in advance. Investment account, 401(k), and IRA statements all contain information that will help us understand what risks your investments are currently exposed to. We will analyze these and advise you on ways you can adjust your investments, giving you the balance of risk and return that makes the most sense for you.
  3. For those closer to retirement, also bring a copy of your Social Security estimate. This can make up a significant portion of your retirement income, and having a good estimate can make a big difference when helping you create a plan. If you’re early in your career, printing out this estimate isn’t necessary.
  4. Lastly, if you have any real estate that represents a significant portion of your net worth you’ll want to mention that during our meeting so that we can coordinate your real estate with your investment portfolio and estate planning.

During our time together, we want to make sure we focus on the topics you’re most interested in, so be sure to let us know from the start what you’re wanting to learn and accomplish. Wherever you most need help, we’ll be there to guide you. If you have any questions before we sit down together please don’t hesitate to ask, and if we don’t hear from you beforehand, we look forward to meeting you soon!



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