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Investment Education

Learn It and Integrate It
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An educated investor, whether they want our 1031, exit planning, or wealth management solutions, is an investor most likely to succeed. This means they understand the products they own and are comfortable with how their portfolio behaves under different economic cycles.  Education is the first thing that jumps out when visiting our site because we believe it is crucial to investment success. It’s why we wrote the book Financial Tales which goes through 61 easy-to-read tales in a style with no charts, graphs, or tables in a relatable manner.  People learn best through stories, and we believe investors need to learn as much as possible because the more they know, the more confidence they need to exhibit when the unexpected happens.  We must prepare ourselves as investors to expect unexpected events because we believe these are the periods when the best returns are available and often with the least risk.  Unfortunately, when you don’t respond in a disciplined manner, be it offensively or defensively, you are subject to biases that will hurt your performance.  We urge our clients and new visitors to get to know us by reading some select writings, which include:

  1. The Trampoline Effect
  2. Our Book Financial Tales
  3. Our Blog
  4. Our How-to Guides on Investing 

Once you are acquainted with our approach, we encourage you to contact us for a 30-minute exploratory conversation.

Investment Management

Grow It and Keep It
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We have worked with hundreds of individual investors, and two things stand out. First, unlike institutional investors with an unlimited time horizon, individual investors have finite time horizons. This means their solutions need to be over a finite period. The second is that individual investors have variable risk profiles. This means they tend to abandon well-thought-out plans due to economic disruptions. This is crucial information because so much of what is written about money is aimed at institutional investing.  

We know people have variable risk profiles, so we focus our client solutions on mitigating the tendency to abandon well-thought-out plans as much as possible. We do this by focusing on solutions that exhibit high rates of return per unit of risk. High rate of return per unit of risk solutions is non-traditional, meaning that our solutions would be considered alternative.  Said differently, we are an alternative boutique investment management firm.  We focus our research on finding the best risk-adjusted return managers and products and populate our client portfolios accordingly. Why?  Because that’s how we manage our money, and while traditional solutions have their place when our clients build wealth, they are entirely too volatile or risky for most when they have created wealth. 

If someone were to examine our portfolios, they might throw out the following criticism.  They might ask why on earth they have so much allocated to private real estate, private credit, private infrastructure, and private equity.  Furthermore, why is their exposure to traditional equity and fixed-income investments focused on systematic, tactical, smart beta, and active managers?  To us, the answer is clear.  It’s simply the way we think money should be managed.  Investing is all about the rate of return per unit of risk combined with a disciplined approach.  This means we design our portfolios knowing that our client’s reactions, including ours, under economic duress is the most important factor to their success. We invest accordingly, trying to mitigate temporary losses the best we can without sacrificing returns. Our roots are with individuals; we understand what they want and how they think.

Investment Advice

Save It and Enjoy It
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Investment management advice is the last piece of the puzzle.  While Investment Education helps our clients grow confident about their money and Investment Management allows them to turn over the responsibility of growing it and keeping it, Investment Advice is where we can share experiences of what has and hasn’t worked with others.  This is the softer or artistic side of Sera Capital, where through discussion, we agree on a plan to go forward or answer specific questions as they arise.  We do this by creating a profile for our clients that, through decades of working with individual investors, classifies them into a few distinct Personas.  If you are interested in our Persona questionnaire, feel free to contact us, and you might find out how your current portfolio matches your personality.  We believe people ask what I should do with my money without asking the correct question: who am I, and what should I do with my money?  We can help you align the two.

So how do you utilize our investment management services?  Our clients typically custody their assets at Charles Schwab and Company. Their platform provides access to a broad spectrum of investments, and their technologies allow us to work with even the smallest clients. You entrust us to manage your money and Schwab to custody your money and as a conduit that provides easy-to-use software for trading and reporting.  In many cases, especially when facilitating 1031 exchanges or Qualified Opportunity Zone fund investments, we prefer to custody the assets with the sponsor or sponsors of your choice. 

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