We Are 1031 Exchange Specialists – Helping You Defer Taxes

Paying for taxable gains upon the sale of an investment property is a significant concern for every investor looking to maximize profits. As a real estate investor, doing a 1031 exchange can help you defer taxes, expand your portfolio, and build wealth for the future. But the challenge is that a typical 1031 exchange process is associated with many steps and timelines.

If you are like thousands of investors looking to defer capital gains successfully, the first step is working with 1031 exchange specialists like Sera Capital. At Sera Capital, we believe that a 1031 exchange can enhance your real estate investment journey. To learn more directly from us, schedule a free call.

How Sera Capital Can Help Your 1031 Exchange Journey

Over the past 30 years, we have helped hundreds of couples, individuals, and even seasoned real estate investors take advantage of the power of 1031 exchange. From consultations on 1031 exchange relinquished and replacement property choices to qualified intermediary advice, we have a team of 1031 exchange experts ready to handle your unique 1031 exchange concerns.

Our fee-only fiduciary 1031 consultancy practice in 1031 exchange properties emphasizes transparency and no conflict of interest. So, you rest assured of only the best 1031 exchange investment options and not just deals with unrealistic high commissions.

Our commitment to clients and the real estate investment market has set us apart from other exchange companies. Today, with a team of dedicated 1031 exchange specialists, we have been able to help hundreds of our clients successfully defer tens of millions of dollars in capital gain taxes. One of the many benefits of working with us is our commitment to going all the way with every one of our clients.

Our History

Founded in 1990, Sera Capital is a highly recognized Maryland Registered Investment Advisors with a nationwide reach. As RIAs, we only came to discover 1031 exchange and DSTs out of necessity because our client had a real problem that needed solving – 1031 exchange strategies were the solution. As RIA’s and investment fiduciaries, we believe it’s essential to always act in the client’s best interest.

Unlike Brokers/Dealers that may be steered towards DSTs with higher commissions, with Sera Capital, there is no conflict of interest. We like to sit on the same side of the table as our clients. As a result of charging an upfront consultation fee, our clients can receive a larger beneficial interest and a higher monthly distribution.

Work with 1031 Exchange Specialists

With thousands of exchange companies scattered across the country, finding the right 1031 exchange consultant for your exchange needs can be quite a challenge. With years in the 1031 exchange investment marketplace, we are one of the leading 1031 exchange specialists around the country.

Do you need a reputable company to evaluate your 1031 exchange options, find the suitable 1031 exchange replacement and relinquished property, or need a 1031 exchange advisor? Why don’t you call us today? At Sera Capital, we can manage your 1031 exchange needs from start to finish.

Schedule your free 30 minute call today.

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