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Mastering Due Diligence: Understanding DSTs

The Role of Due Diligence in DST 1031 Exchanges: Best Practices for Investigating Potential Investments. Due diligence is a crucial part of DST 1031 exchanges. Learn everything you […]

Delaware Statutory Trusts

Mastering the Art of Evaluating DST Properties: Expert Tips and Insights

How to Evaluate Potential DST Properties: Key Metrics to Consider and Questions to Ask. There are certain things to think about before investing in a Delaware Statutory Trust […]

Delaware Statutory Trusts

The Differences Between an UpREIT and a DownREIT

Traditional methods of REIT formation involve real estate transfers to a REIT in exchange for REIT stocks. But unfortunately, it creates a taxable instance if property interests become […]

Delaware Statutory Trusts

DST Diversification: Mitigating Risks and Enhancing Returns

How to Use a DST 1031 Exchange to Diversify Your Real Estate Portfolio and Reduce Risk. Learn 1031 exchange investment strategies & the benefits of diversification through multiple […]

Delaware Statutory Trusts

The History of Delaware Statutory Trusts

Trusts acted as a primary method for wealthy Americans for many years to transfer properties from one generation to the next with minimal taxes and maximum security and […]

Delaware Statutory Trusts

Requirements To Form a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST)

Since the early 1900s, Delaware has been a preferred jurisdiction for business entities. Delaware is a business-friendly state because of its corporate laws, a long-standing tradition of legal […]

Delaware Statutory Trusts

The Different Types of 1031 Exchanges Explained

Are you considering a 1031 exchange but need help determining where to go? Here are the different types of 1031 exchanges explained. Two-Party Simultaneous Exchange A simultaneous exchange […]

1031 Exchanges

1031 Exchange vs. Delaware Statutory Trust: 10 Reasons to Consider Delaware Statutory Trust

Avoid Financing Obstacles In a 1031 exchange transaction, the debt placed or assumed on the replacement property must be equal to or greater than the debt relieved in […]

Delaware Statutory Trusts

Why Real Estate Brokers Recommend DSTs to Their Clients

1. DSTs Make Great Back Up Properties You’ve sold a property and you’ve identified a replacement property. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, the replacement property can’t settle […]

Delaware Statutory Trusts

Delaware Statutory Trusts Can Help Clients

Delaware Statutory Trusts can help clients: • Defer long term capital gains and depreciation recapture • Receive tax-advantaged income • Provide heirs with a stepped-up cost basis • […]

Delaware Statutory Trusts

Delaware Statutory Trust Case Studies

Case Study #1 - A local CPA explains how their client was selling a property and would have to pay both a substantial capital gains tax and depreciation […]

Delaware Statutory Trusts

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